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Store Concept HEADING_TITLE Online Store Concept

  • The core concept of the store is simple, BUY MORE SAVE MORE
    • Users will
      • have an increased level of buying power by incorporating Quantity Price Breaks at smaller than usual quantity levels
      • have the ability to move up Customer Price Levels as total yearly purchases increase
        • You must be have an account and be LOGGED IN to view the DISCOUNTED prices
        • The higher the Customer Price Level the greater your overall DISCOUNTS
    • Total yearly sales reset at the end of each year

Below is a list of Customer Price Levels by Total Yearly Sales.
The higher the Customer Price Level , the greater the savings!

Customer Price LevelTotal Yearly Sales
Wholesale Level1$0 - $5,999 (Default Level)
Wholesale Level2$6,000 - $14,999
Wholesale Level3$15,000 - $24,999
Wholesale Level4$25,000+ (Reseller Level)

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2.08" X 1181' Datamax© Compatible Ribbons CS-GP™ Wax
2.08" X 1181' Datamax© Compatible Ribbons CS-GP™ Wax
Per Ribbon $8.25 to $7.15