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The Steps to Barcode Implementation
  • Get a GS1 Company Prefix and Assign Numbers
  • Select a Barcode printing Method
  • Select a "Primary" Scanning Environment
  • Select a Barcode
  • Pick a Barcode Size
  • Format the Barcode Text
  • Pick a Barcode Color
  • Pick the Barcode Placement
  • Build a Barcode Quality Plan

Labels Inter-Global One-Stop Service

Labels Inter-Global is a customer satisfaction oriented company. We provide ONE-STOP barcode solutions and help our barcode tags suppliers in New York to simplify their everyday business activities.

Our extensive knowledge of barcode technology will assist you in finding barcode labels that is perfect for your business.

Labels Inter-Global Barcode Samples
  • icon_128.gif
    CODE 128
  • icon_128_02.gif
    CODE 128
  • icon_128_03_seq.gif
    CODE 128
  • icon_128_04.gif
    CODE 128
  • icon_128_ucc_ean.gif
  • icon_interleave_2of5.gif
    Interleave 2 of 5

  • icon_upca.gif
  • icon_upca_02.gif
  • icon_upca_03.gif
  • icon_isbn.gif
  • icon_temper_evident.gif
    Tamper Evident
  • icon_colored_barcode.gif
    Color Guide

  • Product Specifications:
    • Our custom barcode stickers are generated in accordance with GS1 Specifications.
    • Standard thermal label. Available in many different sizes.
    • We help you to decide what kind of labels you need. Such as label Size, environmental conditions and vendor requirements
    • We customize typical synthetic labels for greenhouse applications, plant labeling,outdoor product tracking, asset management and tool tracking.
    • Verified to insure proper scanning.
    • Variable information must be submitted via e-mail.
    Samples for Production:
    • Samples for approval can be produced in 1-2 days.
    Production Times:
    • Production will take 2-4 days from date of approval.
    • Same Day and Next Day Rush orders available at additional cost.